Kasanje Town Council


Kasanje Town Council is approximately 207 Square Kilo metres and one of the Lower Local Governments within Wakiso District. It is located in the Southwestern part of Wakiso District, Central Uganda. It is boarded by Lake Victoria in the South, Kajjansi Town Council in the East, Kyengera Council in the North and Mpigi District in the West.


Kasanje Town Council lies in the Lake Victoria climatic region. It is characterized by moderate seasonal variations in temperature and humidity throughout the year.  Annual rainfall received varies between 2000 mm – 2500 mm (180 days during the year).  Hot and sunny episodes are experienced during the months of June-July, December and January. However, there seem to be a significant seasonal change which affects agriculture


Kasanje Town Council is composed of an undulating terrain of flat-topped hills. The valleys are occupied by about 6 regimes of natural drainage channels that form administrative boundaries. In peri-urban areas, the topography is the major factor in determining the land use, in that, the valleys are mainly used for subsistence agriculture, while the upper slopes are used for residences.


Kasanje Town Council is underlain by both old and recent rock systems, which include Precambrian, Cainozoic and Laterites. All the three major divisions of rocks i.e. sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic are represented. The Cainozoic rocks extend southwards to the Lake Victoria shores and river valleys of the district. They include mainly swamps deposits, alluvium and lacustrine deposits. The laterite rocks are widespread on Wakiso summits in the central and northern parts of Wakiso district. It is well developed below the summit levels where it forms protective


The Town Council has rich productive soils. The soil texture and structure is generally favourable for plant growth, and most areas have soil types with good water retention capacity.  Soils support diverse forms of plants and animals.

Geographical characteristics:

Kasanje Town Council land is mostly arable which is productive and cultivated while part of it is under natural vegetation cover of mainly wetland types. The rest of the area is a developed residential, Commercial or small scale industrial area especially in Kasanje Central.


The landscape is flat with sloping flat-topped hills in some areas. The valleys have some permanent streams, which are potential natural sources of water springs that can be protected to provide safe water sources for some residents.

Population Projection


Kasanje Town Council Staff

1Mabanja JimmyTown Clerk772318452
2Nambi AlizikSenior Treasurer772587864
3Nakanwangi SarahCDO757930164
4Kimuli RobertAssistant TC702416451
5Kitimbo SimonHuman Resource Officer703991913/773308356
6Kityo Moses KatongoleFisheries Officer701524530
7Nabizizi Carol TabulaPhysical Planner773854086
9Lubega ArnoldVeterinary Officer774851249
10Mukasa AchillesAss Agriculture Officer701005263/782042786
11Lutwama Willy Internal Auditor752402918
12Ssentongo Waddimba Town Agent700161140
13Luyiga PatriciaCivil Engineer777151463
14Mubangizi PatrickForest Ranger754651510
15Mubiru JovanEconomist780846018
16Lubyayi bonefaceLaw Enforcement Officer770566915
17Nsonzi HarunaSenior Accounts Assistant702740796
18Mbawadde RosetteSenior CDO702377020
19Genza FrankTown Agent757925267/782111789
20Nakyeyune AnnetOffice Typist782280095
21Nakafeero Juliet RhodaOffice Attendant 770541767
22Nakigozi ShakirahLaw Enforcement Assistant700213777
23Luboyera DavidTown Agent705373278/782918262
24Nassejje ViolaPorter778043690
25Nakamatte MillyTown Agent754709121
26Mugomba BrianAssistant records officer705432566
27Tunezerwe AmonieLaw Enforcement Ass702233318
28Ssemuddu Kyagambiddwa Town Agent 702956564
29Namande TeddyTown Agent750405181
30Ndagire TeopistaTown Agent750342595
31Biggwa TwahaHealth Inspector701406180/772406180
1Nabakooza MargaretOffice cleaner788319952
2Nviiri JamadaCompound cleaner757163187
3Kawuma Fred KigongoCompound cleaner708115313
4Nakanyike FlorenceTown Cleaner757555166
5Nnalongo BeatriceTown cleaner